Lake Crescent - Marymere Falls

Marymere Falls is a charming waterfall that offers a taste of old growth forest adventure. (For true rain forest adventure, you'll need to head out to the Hoh.) The trail heads from the parking lot, under Route 101, and into the Barnes Creek Valley. It follows the creek past great trees, fern forests, nurse logs and salal. Then it turns to follow a side stream. There is a rocky beach right by the stream side. Cross the footbridge and then another, then take the rustic trail upstream to the viewing areas for the falls. There is a lower viewing area and a higher one, then an easy descent back to the footbridges.

This stop offers a wilderness adventure in brief. There is a little of everything, all condensed, so one can get a taste of the rain forest in less than an hour. If you want, you can also explore the interpretive trails near the park, or head up Barnes Creek, heading up and down the wall of the valley with views of the creek itself, its pools and the forest. If you have serious energy to burn off, you can spend an hour or two climbing up to the Mount Storm King overlook and have a spectacular view of the lake, Pyramid Peak, the Strait of San Juan de Fuca and points north.

NOTES: This is a great short stop if you are driving along the lake, whether you see the falls or not. There is more to see here than meets the eye. 

Time: 1:00 or longer

Driving time from Port Angeles: 0:30

Admission: none

Facilities: Real bathrooms, Lake Crescent Lodge with lodging and dining

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